Steel Cavalry Expansion Launching Jan 29th with New Class

NCSoft has announced that the latest  cheap aion kinah  aionexpansion will go live on January 29th. Called “Steel Cavalry”, the expansion brings the much-anticipated Aethertech class into the game. In addition, two new instances have been added, as well as skill and class balances and other feature improvements.

Check out the video below to find out more about the Aethertech class and let us know what you think.

You can also find out more about the upcoming Steel Cavalry expansion on the  site.

NCsoft Q2 revs rise, profits plunge

As a company devoted to massively multiplayer online role-playing games, NCsoft has its work cut out for it in 2008, thanks to a number of new strong competitors. With Funcom’s Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures the first to broach the 1 million mark since Activision Blizzard’s World of Warcraft, the publisher will have to contend with WOW: Wrath of the Lich King, not to mention Mythic Entertainment’s newest entrant, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.

That being the case, the Korea-based publisher today announced that revenue for its second fiscal quarter saw a 7 percent year-over year uptick to KRW 81.2 billion ($78 million). NCsoft attributed the windfall in sales during its April-June quarter to a successful campaign to shut down unauthorized, private Lineage servers as well as the launch of Lineage II Garcia Part 1.

NCsoft Q1 profits jump 315%

NCsoft’s newest massively multiplayer online role-playing game is paying significant dividends for the South Korean publisher. Having launched Aion: Tower of Eternity in Korea late last year, the publisher said today that the supernatural-themed MMORPG helped push first-quarter revenues to KRW133.4 billion ($107.7 million), a substantial 51 percent leap over the same period a year ago.
Aion is soaring.
Across the board, NCsoft saw its margins increase. Net profit for the period rocketed skyward 315 percent year-over-year to KRW33.5 billion ($27 million), and operating profit jumped 128 percent to KRW42.5 billion ($34.3 million). Breaking down sales figures by game, NCsoft said that Aion accounted for 34 percent of revenues, followed by Lineage II at 33 percent, Lineage at 23 percent, City of Heroes at 5 percent, and Guild Wars at 3 percent during the quarter.

Global MMORPG revs hit $5 billion in 2009 – Study

Unearthing just how much the game industry pulls in can be a difficult task, thanks to vagaries beyond new game sales at retail outlets. For example, the industry stat-tracking NPD Group initially stated in January that new software at US retailers amounted to some $10.5 billion of the industry’s $19.66 billion haul in 2009. However, by June, NPD had revised that figure upward to $15 billion, after factoring in other forms of revenue such as used games and subscriptions.
World of Warcraft’s subscription model appears to be slowing growth in the West.
This week, Strategy Analytics has provided a look at one of the grayer areas of industry performance, that dealing with global massively multiplayer online role-playing game sales. According to the market research firm’s latest report, titled “The World of MMORPG: a Tale of Two Regions,” MMORPG revenues topped $5 billion worldwide in 2009, up 17 percent from a year prior.

League of Legends tops Game Developers Choice Online Awards

AUSTIN, TEXAS–As the Game Developers Conference Online reached its apex Thursday night, the event’s organizers held the inaugural Game Developers Choice Online Awards. Like the Choice Awards held during the flagship Game Developers Conference in February, this counterpart show was devised to let the creators of online entertainment laud each other.
League of Legends cast a spell on the GDC Online Awards.
While dozens of games were honored, online game creators were apparently quite taken with Riot Games’ League of Legends. The free-to-play hybrid of real-time strategy and role-playing games took home five awards for the night, including the Best New Online Game category. It even won the Audience Award, narrowly edging out Wizard101 from Austin-based Kingsisle Entertainment. The only category in which League of Legends was nominated but failed to win was Best Live Game, an honor claimed by EVE Online at the expense of other high-profile competitors like World of Warcraft and Farmville.

While League of Legends dominated the awards, it had to share the spotlight with a pair of online pioneers. The first was Ultima Online, which was named as the first inductee into the GDC Online Awards Hall of Fame. Original Ultima Online developers Rich Bogel, Starr Long, and Raph Koster were on hand to mark the occasion, with each offering a few words of thanks and appreciation for all the players and developers who have touched the game over the last 14 years.

Tower of AION MMORPG Lets Gamers Play as Captain Harlock

In conjunction with the upcoming release of the Space Pirate Captain Harlock movie, Japanese players of NCsoft’s Tower of AION MMORPG will have the chance to play as Captain Harlock himself, or crew member and eventual captain Kei Yuki.

Between September 3 and October 1, players logging into the game for the first time will have the chance to fill out a survey. In exchange, they’ll get one piece of transformation candy, which allows their characters to take on the appearance of Captain Harlock or Kei Yuki, depending on the gender of the character, for one hour.

During that one hour, transformed characters get a stats boost, too. For magic-class users, magic attack power increases by +15, while physical-class users get an attack power boost of +3. Both types of users will also receive +60 in accuracy, and a 4% increase in attack speed, casting speed, and movement speed.

The transformation candy can’t be stored in any of the warehouses or sold, but if you want to play as Harlock or Kei again, the candies can be purchased using in-game currency (three for 200 kinah, or ten for 600 kinah). A new bonus item will also be announced on Sept

v4.0 to Go Live Today

Players have been looking forward to the release of Aion v4.0 and today marks the day that it finally arrives. The latest update brings a host of big changes to the game including the addition of the Songweaver and Gunslinger classes.
Aion 4.0: Dark Betrayal also brings a new level cap of 65 that challenges veteran players to bring their considerable abilities back to the eternal Elyos/Asmodian conflict. Players can advance to the increased level cap in two new zones: the expansive realm of Katalam and the mystical realm of Danaria. Novel experiences lie in store, including a form of a mini-siege warfare at bases throughout the new zones and special benefits to the conquering faction. The recently uncovered Idian Depths will offer courageous adventurers the opportunity to enter eleven new instances each with new gear to be won.

Patch 4.5 Brings New Aethertech Class

NCsoft and the Aion team announced late yesterday that the upcoming 4.5 patch for their game brings with it the new Aethertech class. The Aethertech “utilizes magical mechanical mounts to unleash both short- and long-distance attacks, making it an ideal class to add to any raid, PvP or boss battle deep in the world of Atria. By pulsing aether through these armored suits, the Aethertech can form Gatling guns, rail guns, blades, electric whips, gigantic fists, and even rocket launchers to devastate their opponents.”

4.0 Breathes Life into Atreia

Aion recently updated with a massive patch, bringing the game to v4.0. We’ve had wings in the air to check out the update and are ready to offer some impressions of what we discovered. Check it out and then fly to the comments to talk it up.
Aion 4.0 has just hit US and EU shores, after much anticipation, bringing with it an entire harem of content and updates, culminating in the NCSoft MMORPG’s most populated era since launch. “We’ve had players asking about the launch of Aion 4.0: Dark Betrayal since last year,” said Richard Zinser, Chief Operating Officer of NCSOFT West. “The number of people coming to our website searching for Aion 4.0 is similar to the traffic we had at Aion’s launch. We’re keeping the fans happy, and Aion 4.0 was at the forefront of their asks.”

Real life FIFA 15: FC Copenhagen’s own footage looks

The relationship between Fifa Coins IOS   football and computer games has finally gone full circle. This incredible FC Copenhagen video, documenting their derby victory on Sunday looks more Fifa 15 Coins IOS   like FIFA 15 than… well, FIFA 15.

Two of Danish football’s biggest sides faced off in Copenhagen as the home side ran out eventual 3-1 victors against rivals Brondy.

With a range of high definition cameras in use, the club filmed every aspect of the game to create arguably the greatest, most uplifting highlights reel we’ve ever seen.